DIY Christmas Presents

2020 has been rough for almost everyone… My family did not go unscathed and finding money for Christmas gifts this year can be a serious challenge. The guilt that comes from receiving gifts but not having anything to give in return is a personal nightmare for me.

All is not lost! Below I have detailed my favorite inexpensive but impressive homemade gift ideas for your inspiration!

Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank and I have found that people love the thoughtfulness of homemade gifts!

Soap Making

I love making soaps for my own family and as gifts! It is easy, inexpensive and everyone uses soap! I have found that homemade gifts that are also useful are the most appreciated.

All you really need is a soap base to melt down (my favorite is shea butter)
Essential oils (I like to mix a sweet scent like lemongrass or vanilla with a woodsy scent like cedar or cypress)
Soap mold in your favorite shapes
Powdered colorant (optional)

It’s really that easy! Melt the base, add in oils as desired, add in colorant if choosing to do that, and pour into your soap mold. Place it all in the fridge for a few hours and BAM! gifts ready to go!

Candle Making

Making candles is a new passion for me but wow! What a fantastic gift on a low budget! Simply clean out candle jars from candles you have burned down previously (if you are like me and don’t throw them away for some reason…) Or you can buy empty jars. Melt some soy candle wax beads (I like American Soy Organics personally). Add in some essential oils and colorants and mix well. stick your wick to the bottom of your jar and pour the melted candle wax up to about an inch from the top. If you don’t have an official tool that holds your wick in the center of your jar let me help you out! Two chop sticks and two snack bag clips will keep your wick perfectly in place!

Candles make perfect gift because the seem more difficult to make than they actually are.

Custom Art

Custom art gifts is a family activity! Grandparents are guaranteed to love a canvas painted by the grand babies!

If you have an artist in the family like I do (I love you babe!) custom art gifts are professional level! Custom art when tailored to the person receiving the gift is likely to bring on sobs of heartfelt gratefulness!

Christmas doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Get creative and get gifting!

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