Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook…
That makes it even more important that we share the lessons we learn along the way!

Mindful parenting isn’t easy but it’s worth it!
I’m here to help!

When Your Little One Is Afraid Of Monsters

Is your kid afraid of the dark or scared of monsters under their bed? I have some excellent tips for you! This is Fortner Family Tested and Kid Approved!

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Come Join the Forage!

From now on Fortner Thoughts (this blog and the associated YouTube Channel) will be dedicated to Life Improvement topics. While all of the cooking, baking and healthy eating content will be shared on our new site Fortner Forage!

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Potty Training Tips

If you are or have been the parent of a toddler you likely know how frustrating potty training can be. I am a firm believer in the child letting you know when they are ready and not pushing it. These tips are what worked for our child. Every child is different and has different needs.…

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Trying to Conceive Again

Trying to have a baby isn’t as fun when it leaves you feeling defective… If you are struggling to conceive your first or another baby here is my advice.

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Motherhood POV (Point of View)

Motherhood looks different for everyone and yet somehow unites us all. On this blog, family is the main focus. It maybe delicious meals, parenting tips, self or home improvement inspiration but in the end the goal is to improve life for moms and families of all kinds. I asked several Moms a series of questions…

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Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you want to inspire some independent play outside of if you need help getting your kids off the screens and outside in the fresh air… I have just the thing!

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Family Photography Fun

I recently took my toddler on a photography adventure. I got my big camera and she got her little pink one and we went outside to explore. I provided no direction and just let her express herself however she wanted.

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The Morning Routine of an Exhausted Mom

Like many parents, whether working or stay at home, I spend 99% of my time taking care of others and trying to fulfill their expectations. My morning time is selfish time! No one but me is allowed to dictate what this time looks like!

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