New Year Resolution Guide!

Goal setting shouldn’t be something we only do because it’s January 1st. Just as we change with the seasons, so do our goals, our dreams and our lives. Jumping on the new year’s resolution bandwagon is a great way to kick start setting goals for your life but it’s only the first step. You need to take stock throughout the year, reassess and revise your goals as you change. Change is a process not a check box.

Step 1: Dream Big!
Before setting goals, you need to know where you’re going. What would your life look like if there were no limits. If you could snap your fingers and have your dream life, no concerns about money, time or other people. Picture that life and make a list (see my free goal setting guide below!) of the various aspects you wish to have in your life. Here are some of my personal examples to help get you started.

  • Own my dream house with a soaking tub, a gourmet chef’s kitchen, a large sun room and a forest out back.
  • Create a healthy and toned body where I feel good when I move, have energy to play and explore and love what I see in the mirror.
  • Spend my days doing things that bring me joy. Creating, experiencing and discovering beauty.
  • Spending my days in nature, living cohesively together inside and out.
  • Traveling and exploring the world regularly, showing my children the beauty of different cultures.
  • Have limitless time and energy to dedicate to the people I love.

Step 2: Take Small Steps!
Next, craft your path to those big dreams! Each step you take brings you closer to your dreams so plan out those steps to keep you moving forward. Those big dreams may feel impossible from where you’re standing now but I promise you they’re not (unless they defy the laws of physics). Break it down into little steps you can take right now that will move you a tiny bit closer to that dream. I will share a few of mine.

  • Create a family budget to prevent over spending and facilitate saving money for the future.
  • Focus on being mindful with what and how much is being eaten.
  • Exercise at least five days a week.
  • Schedule a little time in my day for doing, creating, and experiencing something that brings me joy.
  • Bring some nature inside. Have at least one plant in each main living space.
  • Go outside at least once every day.
  • Find adventures close to home that we can explore on a budget while saving for those bigger vacations.
  • Create a business plan for increased passive income.

Step 3: Preform an Audit of Your Current Habits!
To get where you’re going you need to know where you’re at. Critically analyze what habits you currently have that are standing in the way of your dreams! Maybe you are spending too much money on drugs, alcohol or Starbucks. Maybe you are giving too much of your time to things that don’t align with your goals. Maybe you let negative self-talk convince you it’s impossible. Whatever it is standing in your way, name it and change it! Please don’t judge me, but here are some of mine.

  • Stop overspending at the grocery store.
  • Stop letting others dictate what I spend my time doing.
  • Stop putting social expectations above my own and my families needs.
  • See a therapist to work through past trauma and current anxiety.
  • Do the things that make me happy, no matter what other people think.

Step 4: Keep Yourself Accountable!
If you’ve failed at meeting your goals in the past, you know it’s easier said than done. That’s why this step may be the most important of all! Analyze your weaknesses and your excuses. What triggers the excuses and how can you avoid them. Are you more likely to follow through if someone else is counting on you? Are you less likely to give up if it will cost you money? Maybe all you need is a little positive motivation?

  • Sign up for a gym membership with fees to cancel. I’m more likely to go if it’s costing me money.
  • Sign up for a class with a friend. If someone is counting on me, I show up.
  • Use an app to track spending. Seeing clearly where my money is going will help me make better choices.
  • Reward yourself as you go. Only listen to your favorite podcast while at the gym.
  • Reward your success as well. Budget a date night or girls night monthly or quarterly but only if you stayed on budget.

If you want to follow these steps to start accomplishing your goals and moving toward your dreams, download my free goal setting guide! I created this to help you identify and start reaching your goals!

I would love to hear your goals for this upcoming year! Share in the comments and we can help keep each other accountable! If you haven’t watched my YouTube video on this subject, I recommend you check it out!


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