Summer Favorites!

The weather is turning colder, kids are heading back to school and advertisements for pumpkin spice everything are starting to pop up around us. Summer is coming to an end… I won’t pretend to be all broken up about it, I prefer Fall and Winter myself. Even though I am eagerly looking forward to the upcoming seasons I must look back at the happiness of Summer and appreciate the season for all it gives!

As you have probably noticed, I really enjoy telling my tales in picture form. Especially topics like this! They say “A picture speaks a thousand words”, I must agree. What better way for me to share with you my experiences then to actually show you. I hope you enjoy!

Let’s start with travel!
Adjusted TrunkSummer brings the itch to get outside and find beautiful sun filled adventures!
Hikes with furry pals!
Adjusted HikingQuests to find amazing sights!
Adjusted WaterfallMaybe cool off with a dip in the ocean!
Adjusted Beach

Perhaps a ride with friends!
Adjusted Horses 2Or an ice cream infused walk around town!
Adjusted Ice CreamOr any other sweet treat that abounds this time of year!
Adjusted Shaved IceAdjusted Smoothies

Some days all that’s needed is some playtime in your own back yard!
Adjusted PlaytimeAnd of course a nap in the shade!
Adjusted NapsI personally love a good book while getting a tan!
Adjusted BookNo matter what we decide to do, clear blue skies draw us outside!
Adjusted SkyWhere the colors of summer flowers are everywhere!
Adjusted RosesAdjusted Purple FlowersAdjusted CarnationThe unwavering sunlight spurring nature to thrive!
Adjusted Ivy

Fields of clover beautifully covering the dried grass if the sun gets too hot! You might just get lucky and find one with four leaves!
Adjusted CloversSummer vegetables leading themselves to fresh summer salads!
Adjusted PeperAdjusted Baby TomatoesBirds and chipmunks also fill up on summer flavors!
Adjusted ChipmunkAdjusted Bird Feeder

Music seems to fill the air!
Adjusted MusicNow it is time to put away those summery citrus candles.
Adjusted Candles

And start preparing for Fall!


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