Washington State Road Trip!

It’s Friday Funday Again!
This week, we explore central Washington on a road trip from Portland Oregon to Cle Elum Washington!
Adjusted6Road Trip!!! I don’t know about you but I love road trips! There is just something magical about packing up supplies and jumping in your car with someone special! It may be the ever changing sights out the window, the sing alongs with the radio, the laughter and conversation along the way or simply the freedom to stop (or not stop) whenever the mood strikes!

Some relationships can’t tolerate 8+ hours locked in a car together, for those people I suggest taking a plane, it’s much faster. My husband and I always some how walk away from a road trip closer and even more in love then we were when we started. We once drove from Arkansas to Oregon taking turns driving and sleeping in the car a few hours each night. We had only been dating 9 months at that point and by the time we reached Oregon we were exhausted but we moved in together the next weekend. If you can survive a road trip that long and enjoy every minute of it you are meant to be together!

We’ve now been married almost 3 years and we still bond out on the open road! This trip we headed North for a 4 day event at Suncaidia Lodge in Cle Elum Washington. The company I work for invited all employees from across the country to celebrate the 30th anniversary in style at Suncaidia! We made arraignments for someone to pet/house sit for us and set off early Thursday morning! We had our cameras and binoculars close at hand, ready to stop for anything that looked interesting!


Sure, we could have taken Interstate 5 North almost the entire way but what fun would that be? We wanted to get off the “beaten path” in a matter of speaking (not literally, though we do have 4wd). We decided to drive through the gorge that separates Washington and Oregon. The views were breathtaking!
Adjsuted42 Adjusted1

We came upon many tunnels which I found as exciting and amusing as a toddler would!

Adjusted35Adjusted2 Adjusted3Across the river, back in Oregon we could still see our beloved Mount Hood!

The farther East we went the less greenery we began to see.Adjusted7Once we got far enough East we said our goodbyes to the Columbia river and headed North into the high plains of central Washington!
Adjusted11 Adjusted13

We passed a mountain we had never seen before. Our geography skills proved lacking and we had to use Google to discover it was Mount Adams.Adjusted10

There were fields of wind turbines! I have seen these from a distance but never so close. We drove right up to one and it was enormous!

Denver (my husband) spotted a nest, high up on a telephone pole. With the help of our nifty binoculars and camera zoom we were able to watch this little family for quite sometime!Adjusted5

At one point during the drive I was admiring some wild horses running across the plains when I spotted a bear wandering across the scorched ground! I wasn’t able to get the camera out fast enough and by the time we pulled off and walked back he was gone. Denver was convinced the bear had headed for the lush shelter of the only grouping of trees and bushes around but we weren’t able to spot him from our vantage point.Adjusted12

I was starting to miss the green when we turned a bend and there lying ahead of us was the entrance back into the forests of the Cascades! This was the mark that we were getting close to our destination!Adjusted21

Once we arrived at the Suncaidia Resort we had a great time riding horses!
Adjusted19 Adjusted18And we were lucky  enough to be out there during the blue moon!
Adjusted15 Adjusted14Aside from the moon, the area was beautiful and we especially enjoyed the view at sundown!
Adjusted16 Adjusted17After a few days of mingling with my co-workers it was time to head home. I’m not ashamed to admit we were just as exited for the drive home as we had been for the trip there! We took almost the same route home but it was still a completely different experience.
Adjusted20 Adjusted29 Adjusted34Adjusted22

The closer we got to home the greener and cloudier it got. Even the clouds added to the splendor!Adjusted24 Adjusted25 Adjusted30Adjusted31 Adjusted38 Adjusted39

We made an impulsive decision based on a sign near the road advertising the “Bridge of the Gods”. We hadn’t planned on crossing back into Oregon so early but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience something new to us!Adjusted40 Adjusted41 Adjusted43 Adjusted44

We enjoyed the bridge but as soon as we got on the Oregon side traffic was disastrous… The rest of our trip home was uneventful unless you count dodging drivers more interested in cell phones then the road.
We had a wonderful time on our road trip but after 4 days away we were happy to be home with our babies and sleeping in our own bed!

Sometimes getting out on the road without over planning it, just letting the path lead you where it may, can provide you with the needed change of perspective to refresh your love for home (and each other)!

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