Nature Scavenger Hunt

The sunshine and warmer weather we are blessed to experience lately has us itching to get outside. My toddler loves the outdoors and we have no trouble getting her outside to play. But sometimes I would like a break from pushing her on the swing for hours or playing tag. If you want to inspire some independent play outside of if you need help getting your kids off the screens and outside in the fresh air… I have just the thing!

I love scavenger hunts because it not only gets them excited to get outside but it engages their mind in critical thinking and problem solving. Depending on the age and abilities of your child the scavenger hunt can be as simple or as detailed as you want.

You can make your own or find so many good options available online. I love these from,, &

If you have multiple kids or invite friends over for a play date you can add a little competition in there and make it a race. My daughter is only 3 so we don’t rush it. Instead she looks for the best example of the items she can find and brings it over to show us her treasure! We help her check off the item on her list and off she goes on the next hunt.

What are your favorite ways to get kids excited to play outside?

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