Infertility Testing Update

Earlier this week I revealed my new weekly series, Monday Meals! I’m so excited for all the new recipes to create and share! BUT this blog was not created to become a cooking blog so Wednesdays will still be whatever topics as my heart desires (Whatever Wednesdays :)!)

This week I want to give an update on our pregnancy journey. If you missed my last update you can check it out here. Over the last month we have been having a lot of tests done to try and find any issues that might be causing our miscarriages. Today we got the results from the very last test. 🙂

Several blood tests, a genetics test and a sonohysterogram later I have been told that I am perfectly healthy and there is no sign of any reproductive issues. The sonohysterogram was the final test we completed. My doctor warned me that it would feel a little crampy but I was not prepared for the level of pain I felt when the fluid was introduced to my uterus. My bodies natural reaction to the foreign  objects and fluid being forced on it was to tense up in an effort to reject the unnatural intruders. I took some serious deep breaths and practiced the technics I had learned from my Yoga experiences and as soon as my body relaxed the pain disappeared. Just as with anything in life, my stress was causing more pain and agony than the actual event I was stressing about. This also fits in perfectly with our pregnancy troubles, the more we stress about getting pregnant the less likely we are to get pregnant. While the doctor and technician were exploring my insides I was given the most unusual complement. The technician started raving about my uterus, saying “you have the most beautiful uterus!” and “Wow do you see how great that lining looks!”. Ummm Thanks?…

You would think a healthy (and apparently attractive) uterus would be great news, and it is, but I wasn’t ecstatic at first… Not finding anything wrong is a good thing but it also means we have no explanation for why we haven’t been successful so far. A part of me was hoping for something (easy to fix of course) to be found so we could fix it and move forward without fear. After a lot of thought and internal debate, I found peace in the knowledge that there is nothing preventing us from having a healthy baby of our own. Our doctor has given us progesterone to start using during conception to try and help the egg attach properly so all we can do now is wait and pray.


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