Bucket List

Bucket List PhotoMy bucket list is an ever changing experience task list. I’m adding to it faster then I can cross things off but I feel it’s important to have a list you can refer to when you are bored or want to add a little excitement and accomplishment to your life!

My Bucket List!

  1. Pass my middle name down to my daughter.
  2. Take a spontaneous road trip, no destination, no map, and no plan. Just pack up and go.
  3. Take a cruise to Alaska to see the glaciers.
  4. See the Aurora Borealis.
  5. Witness a comet.
  6. Visit the hospital in Athens Greece I was born in, along with all the sites of Greece.
  7. Build or completely remodel a house and make it a beautiful representation of who I am, and do as much of the work myself as I can.
  8. Get a tattoo.
  9. Go see the Victoria Falls
  10. Create my own dessert, my own original recipe.
  11. Learn to ballroom dance for my wedding.
  12. Attend a Super Bowl, Live
  13. Swim with a dolphin.
  14. Go skydiving.
  15. Be on a jury.
  16. Sing for an audience.
  17. Give the coat off my back to a homeless person.
  18. Ride a horse on the beach.
  19. Create a piece of art I’m proud of
  20. Learn to play guitar
  21. Write a book
  22. Write a blog
  23. Write a song
  24. Go to Four corners and be in four states at once
  25. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  26. Volunteer at a hospital
  27. Directly face each of my fears in some way
    • Bridges
    • Boats
    • Birds
    • Homeless people
    • Small dogs
    • Spiders
  28. Host a big family Thanksgiving
  29. Help out a person I dislike
  30. Go skinny dipping
  31. Be a member of the audience for a TV show
  32. Ride a Camel
  33. Eat escargot
  34. Spend the night in a haunted house
  35. Watch the sun rise “out of the ocean”
  36. Go up in a hot air balloon
  37. Visit Ireland
  38. Walk to the top of the statue of liberty
  39. Ride a gondola in Venice
  40. Visit the Louvre
  41. Spend an entire day at a renaissance fair
  42. Milk a cow
  43. Dance in the pouring rain
  44. See a Broadway show
  45. Catch fireflies in a jar
  46. Take a ride down Route 66
  47. Go inside the White House
  48. Ice skate outside under the stars
  49. Ride in a limo
  50. Go to an opera, all dressed up
  51. Go on an African safari
  52. Visit the Winter Palace in Russia
  53. Make love on a train
  54. Go see a professional ballet performance
  55. Be served a true breakfast in bed
  56. Go to Disneyworld
  57. Be kissed under mistletoe
  58. Eat a Gray’s Papaya hotdog in NYC
  59. Learn to Salsa dance
  60. Go to the airport, get the cheapest, soonest departing flight to anywhere, and stay there for a weekend
  61. Eat pasta in Italy
  62. Board a train at grand central station

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