The Morning Routine of an Exhausted Mom

Like many parents, whether working or stay at home, I spend 99% of my time taking care of others and trying to fulfill their expectations. Thanks to Covid I am (like many others) now both a working and stay at home mom… I was pretty lucky though, about 9 months into the lock down I was able to convince my Mom to retire early from her unfulfilling career and become my nanny! While that allows me to get more uninterrupted work done it doesn’t give me any additional time for myself.

Since becoming a parent I have learned that if I want truly uninterrupted Me Time I have to make it happen early in the morning before the rest of my family wakes up. I start work at 8am and my daughter wakes up at 7am. That means my alarm is set for 6am. Don’t get the wrong idea about me… Some days I decide to play the risky game of screw the alarm, hopefully my toddler doesn’t choose this day to sleep in. But most days I try really hard to get up when the alarm starts beeping.

This time is selfish time! No one but me is allowed to dictate what this time looks like!

*Get Ready
What this will look like is different for everyone based on what their morning routine consists of. For me it means moving my bed into a sitting potion instead of a sleep position. Fixing my hair up into a bun and splashing some cool water onto my face.

*Get Set
Next I get all of the tools I will need for the perfect start of my day. I make a cup of coffee. Get out my journal and pen. Get out the book I’m reading at the time. and never look at my phone. Don’t get sucked into the trap that is wasting this valuable time on social media

Here is what you have been waiting for! These are the things that help me start my day off right!

  1. Journaling & Planning My Day – The journal I use has very helpful prompts, like “what I’m excited about for today”, “what’s my main focus of today”, “To-Do List”, and “what I’m grateful for today”. This really helps start out my day in the right mindset and also gets all distractions out of the way first thing. I do this while enjoying my coffee and the silence of the morning.
  2. Stretch It Out & Find My Center – Now that I’ve sorted out my plan for the day it’s time to center and ground myself. I start by doing a little stretching and transition into a 10 minute meditation session. Sometimes I use a guided meditation audio and sometimes I just let the silence guide me. This is a really important grounding and centering part of my morning. Meditation is hard but it is well worth the practice. I need to be in touch with myself mentally, emotionally and physically before allowing outside influences into my space.
  3. Gather Insite – Next I start looking outward. I do this by pulling one random tarot card while concentrating on an intention for that day. If I have a lot going on I might do a three card spread but I try to keep it simple. If divination isn’t your thing you can modify this by doing some personal affirmations or spending a few minutes visualizing what you want your day to look like.
  4. Engage My Mind – By now 25-30 minutes have passed in the hour I have for myself each morning. I spend the next 30 minutes reading. Some days I read a personal development book if I’m feeling especially motivated that day. Other days I read a fictional novel strictly for enjoyment. I keep both on hand so I can mix and match as needed. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies so having this time each day to read something I enjoy is vital to my personal happiness.
  5. Next thing I know it’s 7:00 and my three year old is climbing into my bed with me. We talk and snuggle for a few minutes before getting up to start our day. This is also one of my favorite parts of my morning!

This simple routine helps me start each day in a happy, motivated and relaxed mentality. I suggest you start your own routine for the morning that include all of the little things that help you start off on the right foot!

What are your favorite morning or “Me Time” activities?

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