It’s The Little Things

Life will have plenty of big moments. Graduations, weddings, childbirth, promotions, deaths. These are important times in our lives but the little everyday moments, those are what really make up a happy life. We spend so much time worrying about the big moments, it’s so easy to forget the little ones. That’s why I feel it is so important to take time every now and then to stop and remember all of those little moments. Because when I think back on my life and smile, I’m not thinking about my graduation, my job successes or even my wedding day. I’m remembering finding bugs with my toddler, watching another Elsa concert in the back yard, sprinklers, reading books and riding bikes. I’m remembering cider by the ocean with my mom, sister and grandmother. I’m thinking about all of the amazing adventures and wonders of nature near and far. I’m thinking of fireside conversations with the love of my life after the kid goes to bed. I’m reminiscing about quite mornings to myself drinking coffee and watching the sunrise. I’m thinking about the beauty that is all around us if we just look around! The little things are what really make a life worth living.
These are just a few of mine.

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