Journaling For Self Improvement

“Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is that you’re having a relationship with your mind.”

– Nataly Goldberg

Gratitude journal, Success journal, Happiness journal, Dream journal, Pregnancy journal, Project journal, Personal Junk journal, Poetry journal, Finance journal, Ideas journal… Etc!

If your read any self-help book or sign up for any self improvement program some form of journaling is always a key factor. Why is that? I was never one to keep a diary growing up but the more I learn about the benefits of journaling, maybe I should have. Journaling can help us with everything from achieving goals to building self-confidence, improving communication skills to reducing stress and anxiety. I don’t think it really even matters how you journal, only that you do!

I am personally on a life long journey of happiness so the happiness journal seemed that a perfect option for me! I like the simple and small actions each day and the perspective it helps me achieve. When I was pregnant with my daughter I kept a “Dear Baby” journal that really helped me through a scary and difficult pregnancy. I have attempted a gratitude journal and I liked the idea behind it but got a little bored with it. The point is, journaling can look many different ways and as life changes what you need from journaling changes too. Be flexible and if it isn’t working for you try something else!

You might be wondering, what do I even write about? Seriously everything! but if you need a little inspiration here is a list of questions to ask yourself!

What kind of journal are you starting?


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