Make Healthy, Easy!

It is the time of year again where we all rededicate ourselves to eating healthier! Two weeks from now most of us will have thrown the whole idea out the window and filled the house with donuts. Take these steps to help you make it easier to incorporate healthy choices into your everyday life!

Make a Plan
Get ahead of the mental exhaustion that comes at dinner time! Don’t wait to think about what to make when your family is demanding food and you have only 30 minutes to throw something together. At the beginning of each week sit down and plan out what you will serve for dinner each night of that week. Keep leftovers in mind! You don’t have to cook something new every night, just plan out what you will serve!

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Fill Your Fridge With Healthy Choices
Now that you have a plan, go to the store and stick to your list! Fill that fridge with nutritious ingredients. The less junk you keep in your house the less junk you will eat. Plus look how beautiful a healthy fridge can look!

Keep it Fresh
Ditch the processed foods and keep it fresh! Farmers markets, subscription farm boxes or the produce section of the big grocery chain… It doesn’t matter where you stock up, just surround yourself with fresh whole foods and healthy choices will naturally follow.

Prep in Advance
Another tip for avoiding those fatigued last minute decisions, prep it in advance. Each weekend prep as much of your weekly meal plan in advance! Vacuum seal and freeze as needed. This saves time and takes away the excuses of “I’m too tired to cook” at the end of a long day,

Put the Right Things in View
Set up baskets or bowls around the house with healthy grabbable snacks! Having it in view will make it more likely that you grab that healthy snack instead of digging around in the pantry for that old Halloween candy!

Don’t Deprive Yourself
I am a firm believer that if you try to cut out your favorite foods all together you are bound to fail. Let yourself have your favorite indulgences from time to time but remember that moderation is key!


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