Fall Decor on a Budget

Fall is the absolute best! The colors, the smells, the crisp air, the warm comforting food, the whole vibe! I love it all!

Covid has put a crimp in a lot of life’s joys and fun activities but it can’t stop the celebration completely! Many lost their jobs due to Covid and my family was no exception. Celebrating on a budget is more important now than ever before.

Luckily for us Fall is the easiest to celebrate for little to no money!

Check out Walmart or Michaels for cheap fake flowers and leaves, then throw those in an old vase for a beautiful fall centerpiece! This Autumn inspired table cloth I picked up years ago at Bi-Mart!

Any store that carries home décor will have a variety of decorative lanterns. Pick a simple one and fill it with baby pumpkins left over from Halloween, some pinecones and toss in a few leave and BAM! You have a beautiful festive front walk or entryway decoration!

All you need is all around you! If you don’t have any money to spend at all this year, that’s ok! Just go outside!

Nature has provided all the Fall décor you could hope for, just waiting to be arranged! Pick up anything that catches your eye. Check out your backyard or go for a walk, maybe even find a nature park to explore. Consider colors, textures, shapes, mix and match! Be sure you don’t bring home anything that will rot, that’s not festive…

This is all from my back yard!

You don’t need money to celebrate the season! Look around you and find inspiration in the beauty of nature!

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