Try A HIIT Workout!

Not a fan of running? Don’t have an hour each day to dedicate to complicated workout routines or DVDs? Get easily bored with slow paced motions?

Don’t worry you aren’t alone. I too have a hard time finding a workout I can stick with. I have recently discovered a solution to my exercise problem and I must say it’s fantastic! If you are like me and need a fresh alternative I suggest trying a HIIT workout!

What is a HIIT workout you ask? “HIIT” stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”. This type of workout is made up of intense bursts of all-out effort exercise followed by active recovery periods. The reason this works is it keeps your heart rate up and burns fat at a faster rate than other more steady workout routines. Some of my favorite things about this type of workout is the fact that it increases your metabolism, keeping your body burning fat long after you stop exercising! It is also the most convenient workout I’ve ever done! Ok now I just sound lazy… But seriously, no equipment is needed, just your own body and space to move around. It also only takes 20-30 minutes for better results than you would get with typical hour or two routines. One of my biggest obstacles with working out was fitting it into my schedule but now its so easy to take 30 minutes and feel good about myself all day!

I was skeptical at first but as someone who couldn’t stick with a routine for longer than two weeks I am amazed to find myself still motivated two months later! I had to share! There are a lot of websites and HIIT routines out there in the internet but if you want to see what got me hooked check out Lucy Wyndham-Read  on YouTube! I’m obsessed with her HIIT routines and she gives alternative moves for beginners as well so regardless of your level of fitness, she’s got you covered!

In a society where we all spend more time sitting in front of computers, smartphones and TVs than we do moving each day it’s important to find the exercise that is fun and engaging for you personally and build it into your daily life!

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