Drive-In Date Night!

Friday Funday!! This week, a date to the drive-in! Going to the movies is a classic date plan but sometimes this date night staple needs some spicing up. Going to a drive-in is more than just a movie, it’s an experience all it’s own! Let me introduce you to what makes a drive-in so special!
We choose to check out the 99W Drive-In located in Newberg, OR.


Above artwork by Denver Fortner

One of my favorite things about going to the drive-in is the double feature. You pay one small price for two great films back to back. Movie one is typically more family friendly, while movie two is usually more geared toward adults.
DSC04838To get in and get a decent spot you need to get there early. An hour before the gates even open the line was out the driveway and wrapped around the block. Sundays and Thursdays are less crowded so that’s also a way to beat the line.
DSC04848The gates open at 6pm but the movie doesn’t start until sun down so there is a lot of time to kill before the movie starts. This is in no way a bad thing, it’s part of what makes the experience so wonderful! But, the movies start late and end late so come prepared to stay awake.
DSC04840Once you get in, find your spot and perfect your view and set up in preparation for your movie watching experience.  We turned the back of our SUV into a bed with a futon mattress and plenty of pillows and blankets. Be sure to be courteous of the people parked behind you by tying down the lift.
DSC04853DSC04850Unlike a movie theater the drive-in allows guests of all kinds, fur babies included.
DSC04855The 2-3 hour wait for sun down provides plenty of time for romantic activities! Bring board games, a book, music, or just talk and laugh with your special someone.
DSC04860Less romantic but equally fun ways to spend the time waiting can be playing with your kids, or invite your friends and have a party. Or join in on a party with strangers (with their permission of course).
DSC04876The drive-in creates an atmosphere of community among complete strangers from all over. We have met some of the most interesting people at the drive-in. Kids have plenty of other kids to become friends with, leaving the adults free to mingle as well.
DSC04883On out date night there happened to be a Corvette club having an event at the drive-in. Besides the awesome cars we got to see they generously invited us to participate in their activities.
DSC04868We got to play games like guess how many M&M’s are in the jar and they let us win prizes from their raffle. We won a Corvette toy car and great Corvette sunglasses. Everyone was so inviting and friendly!
DSC04877As the place fills up, make sure you visit the bathrooms and snack bar before the lines get too long.
DSC04873DSC04864While they don’t prevent you from bringing in your own food, the proceeds from the snack bar is how they make money. The upkeep and improvements of a drive-in are expensive so help keep the drive-in a fun experience for generations to come but buying your snacks from them. Plus the prices are reasonable!
DSC04885Once the sun goes down and the movie starts settle in with your family and/or friends and enjoy a movie where you can laugh, talk or text without disturbing anyone else! You get to choose movie watching edict for yourself, as long as your car lights stay off and your horn stays quite. At intermission (20 minutes between the first movie and the second) be sure to start your car and let it run to avoid a dead batter at the end of the night.
This is one of my favorite date night events! It’s fun, romantic, inexpensive and family friendly!


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