Clackamas County Fair!

Welcome to Friday Funday! Each Friday I will post another fun adventure! Selfishly, I hope this will encourage my husband and I to find fun new ways to spend time together each week. I also hope this will spark ideas for my readers and encourage you all to get out there and have some fun!

Last weekend we visited the Clackamas County Fair, in Canby Oregon! We had a great time and I’m honored to share our adventure with you! Here are pictures of my favorite parts of the fair!
There was a cute old west style village:



With people in period style clothing making crafts by hand:
DSC04932DSC04958DSC05216DSC04956DSC04960Lots of animals to love on! My husband and I are huge animal lovers and spent most of our time at the fair with the animals. 🙂
Like Sheep!
DSC04981And Goats!
DSC04990DSC04995DSC05003DSC05011DSC05126DSC05134DSC05148DSC05149DSC05150And Cows!
DSC05018DSC05016DSC05015DSC05027And Pigs!
DSC05076DSC05085DSC05086DSC05068DSC05097DSC05102DSC05120And Llamas!

And a couple of donkeys!
DSC05203Any kind of treat you could want.
DSC05161Live music and shows.
DSC05163DSC05191And of course lots of fun for the kids, and kids at heart!
DSC05160DSC05179DSC05194DSC05186DSC05195DSC05205DSC05196As I’m sure you can see we had a blast at the fair! How is the fair near you different or the same? What are your favorite fair activities?

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