For Christmas This Year I want a Cure for Cancer!

Mike I plead with anyone who may happen upon this blog to reach into their heart and offer up anything they can for a stranger in need. My husbands family needs all the prayers and good thoughts they can get.

Michael Hair is a kind, generous, fun loving and all around good guy. Personally I love him for more than who he is but also for what he has been for my husband. They are cousins by birth, brothers and friends at heart! Mike was the best man at our wedding and a true best friend to my husband. About six months ago Mike was diagnosed with cancer and has been fighting every day since. It’s an uphill battle and he needs all the help he can get, whether it’s a few dollars to the “Go Fund Me Account” (linked below) or prayers and good thought sent his way anything you are willing to give is appreciated and desperately needed.

My Husband briefly explains in the “Go Fund Me” Description:
“My cousin probably wouldn’t do this for himself, so I made one for him because he is very much loved. This is a very hard thing to have to go through and I couldn’t image what he’s going through and will have to go through. The headline says it all, he was diagnosed with cancer and now has to undergo a year long chemotherapy and radiation treatment before they can even consider surgery. This means he can’t work because of the type of cancer. This comes as a big shock, we didn’t see it coming. He’s young only 33. Mike has a lot to live for, he’s got a wonderful loving woman by his side and a great family who is supporting him through all this mess. Please help us, help him through this difficult time. Anything will help.” – Denver Fortner

Please click the link below to show compassion and support for a good man fighting the toughest battle of his life.


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