Starting a Blog!

My very first blog! My name is Stephanie and I have created this blog to share a glimpse of life as I see it.

As my husband and I work on starting our family the urge to document and share our experiences has been growing in me. There are so many amazing and significant milestones in my life that I look back on and can’t remember much about how I got there. Having a family has been my biggest dream since I was a little girl. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of a ride (as anything worth doing in life is) with challenging and painful moments but more importantly miraculous and joyous moments. When my husband and I look back on the start of our life together and the building of our family I want to be sure nothing gets forgotten. My goal in writing this blog is a purely selfish one, I want to write about our life for my own pleasure and perhaps for my kids to read one day. If someone else happens to stumble upon it and enjoys it then wonderful.

A little history:

My husband and I met July 2010 at a bar (cliché, I know). He was living in Washington at the time and I was living in Oregon (I’ve never actually lived anywhere else). We quickly fell in love and after only six months of dating we were engaged on Christmas day. By April Denver (my husband) had moved into my tiny apartment with me and we started making plans to buy a house. Three realtors and what feels like a hundred houses later

Leo (black/white cat), Ciara (black cat), Tink (orange cat), and Nero (dog)
Leo (black/white cat), Ciara (black cat), Tink (orange cat), and Nero (dog)

we finally found where we would start our life together. In the few months we lived at the apartment we adopted a cat from the shelter (Ciara), adopted a cat from craigslist (Leo), and adopted a stray that always hung around our apartment (Tink). Once we bought the house we got a puppy (Nero) to add to our little zoo. We love our animals! They are so cute, fun and full of personality!

We knew when and where we wanted to get married from the beginning but the how took us almost two years to plan. weddingWe were married in October 2012 in Little Rock Arkansas (Denver is originally from Arkansas). We had an amazing wedding, full of love, fun and laughter! We decided not to waste any time trying to have kids, we started trying as soon as we got married. For the first year every month we would build our hopes up to the breaking point the week before I was supposed to start. I would take a pregnancy test the morning I was scheduled to start each and every month and by then, after obsessing all week, we were convinced that I was pregnant. The test would be negative but we didn’t lose hope until a few hours later when I would start (right on schedule mind you) at which point we would be disappointed but also felt silly for letting our hopeful excitement carry us away.

Which brings us to today, we just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. We have not yet had a baby but are still actively trying. We have done great upgrades to our house to make it more our own. Our four little critters are all happy and healthy. over all life is good, sure we have rough times but it only helps us appreciate our wonderful life that much more. I have dreamed of starting a blog for years and I’m proud of myself for finally building up the courage to do for it. Going forward I plan to write about anything and everything! Our journey to becoming parents, marriage, careers, family, pets, nature, food, politics, religion, whatever I feel is worth sharing.

I can’t wait to see where this leads!


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